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Welcome to My Cottage

Being an intuitive person, I often get messages in the form of seeing a scene in my mind's eye. Lately I've been thinking about one I had two times in my life. In the vision I saw myself working in the garden of a cute cottage-y house. There was a fence around it, but the gate could easily open. I could see that I was happy and content and peaceful in that garden, that house, and that life. The life I lived seemed pretty simple, and grounded, and nourishing. I could tell that it was a metaphor of what it means when I arrive at a good life for myself. I don't know if it is literal or not, but it means the same either way: a peaceful life where I work at my own pace doing what I love and having a comfortable content existence.

I was thinking about that vision yesterday in regards to my healing business because in the vision people in the town would come to me for healing and we all enjoyed it and I was respected for it, even if I was a little eccentric and my methods were unorthodox. Both times I had that vision, I thought of that series of children's books by Tommy dePeola: Strega Nona, but my own version of it. For the most part, I am already doing that with Wildwood Energy Works, even though it is remote. You are still invited to have a part of my day and attention and focus for your healing and wellness and I very much enjoy it, and I hope you do, too!

I love working with you all. There is a coziness and intimacy that happens when we connect for your healing and to help you create your best life. I feel that sacred trust every time. I love being that eccentric person with unorthodox methods that have measurable results.

Being a healer is necessarily a different kind of life. It is quieter. It is slower. It requires that you spend a fair amount of time daily tending to your own energy and working on your own healing as well. In general healers can't just have session after session eight hours a day like a 9-5 job. We can do a few and then regroup and replenish and rebalance in whatever way feels good to us. When you book a session with me, you are one of the few people I will work with that day, and will have a special seat on my metaphorical couch that I prepared just for you. You are important. Your healing is important, and I am happy to have you in that part of my life.

Often when someone has never worked with me before or never had energy work done, they are afraid. That is understandable to me. Energy work is mysterious and almost indescribable, and each person has different needs so each session is so different depending on the person. I hardly know what to expect when I'm going into a session myself. My goal, though, is softness in the big deep work, and respect and empowerment. I don't believe in being a guru who is above everyone and who is trying to reach some sort of enlightenment, and bestow pearls of wisdom from my exhaled place. That is fine for some people, but it is not for me. I believe in sitting next to you on the metaphorical couch and saying, I understand because I've been there and in some ways I am there still. Let's walk this together and get you well. For me energy work is a tool not to transcend humanness and this daily existence, but to help you fully inhabit your daily life and find more joy in your humanness.

So if you are on the fence about trying energy work because you don't know what to expect and are nervous, this is the energy I bring to the table. It resonates with a person or it doesn't and that is fine. If this feels like it resonates with you, consider this your invite. Come on in the garden gate I just opened. I'll put the coffee on and bring out some bread I just baked. You can get comfortable, and let's get you well.

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