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Expand Your Healing Toolkit


Wildwood Energy Works offers Holy Fire Reiki classes and more so you can take your energetic wellness into your own hands. 


Holy Fire Reiki

Of all the energetic modalities I'm trained in, Holy Fire Reiki is hands down my favorite! I had been a traditional Usui Reiki Master for many years before I started doing Holy Fire. I didn't think it would be that different, but it is. It is powerful, life changing and gentle at the same time. 

I have been teaching Holy Fire Reiki classes since 2022 and it is one of my favorite things I do with my practice. 

I teach remote classes so we can get together on video no matter where we are in the world. There is real connection and real healing and Holy Fire Reiki classes can kickstart healing in all areas of your life. 

I also create groups from our class groups so you can keep up with and receive and give support with the people in your class. It is amazing to get to watch the progress of each person in the classes as the weeks and months go on. 

Other Classes

I will occasionally give remote classes where you can learn different skills like tarot reading, trusting your intuition, muscle testing or other skills. 

I love teaching people how to learn tools to help them better their daily lives. 

For a list of current class offerings, click the link below.

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