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Wildwood Energy Works

Wildwood Energy Works was created with the intention of going deep to the roots of what needs to heal to create meaningful and lasting change individually tailored for your needs. 

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My name is Persephone Justice, and I started my own healing journey in 2007 when I received my Reiki Master's training and certification. At the time I was in a high demand religion and a dysfunctional marriage, and not living a life aligned with my soul. In 2013 I began experimenting with The Emotion Code, tarot and oracle cards, and various other modalities to help me heal myself and move forward in life. The results were dramatic and unexpected. I healed myself out of that religion and out of that marriage. It helped me understand that I am queer and that I needed a different kind of life than I had been taught to live. I began to create a life that fit me better and to enjoy the journey. 

I am an Usui Reiki Master, trained in QHHT Hypnosis. I am certified Ho'Oponopono practitioner, Holy Fire Usui Reiki I and II practitioner, Holy Fire Usiu Reiki Master Teacher, and a Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master. My work started changing people's lives, and it brought me so much joy to be able to help others in this way. In 2020 I opened Wildwood Energy Works doing remote sessions with a mission to help people of diverse backgrounds in diverse parts of the world heal and empower themselves, so they can live their best lives. 


To me energy work isn't about transcending the mundane or enlightenment or a set of beliefs or dogma you have to subscribe to. It is a set of tools to help a person live fully in the here and now, enjoying the beauties of the present and the deliciousness of this life. 

When we deal with our blocks, traumas, anxieties and fears through energy work, we can more fully own and love ourselves and become the sovereigns of our individual lives. We get to choose rather than react. We get to love rather than judge. We get to be free rather than be controlled by the difficulties of the past. Energy work is a tool for our own freedom. 

I have a passion for remote work because there is power in doing the big work in the comfort of our own homes. When we feel comfort and safety, we can go deeper into what needs to be addressed. We aren't juggling commutes or stressful offices, we are in our own element were we are most powerful, and that translates into the healing work. Healing is about coming home to yourself, and what better place is there  to do it than your home. 

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