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My Cat Likes Reiki

Updated: May 29

Here I am with my cat companion Fiorello the Great. He is the snuggliest, sweetest, spirited, lovey boi. I adopted him in May and he helped me open my heart back up after being widowed. I started dating soon after and having loving adventures in my life. Thanks, good boi. He is the reason I took an animal Reiki class this weekend. It turned out to be WAY more powerful and inclusive than I expected. Let me tell you about it.

What I expected from the class was to learn how to best energetically care for my cat and to get ignitions and attunements to be able to do that for my pet and other people's. What I got was a weekend of healing that reminded me that we humans are animals, too, and big root chakra healing, and earth connection healing and inner child healing because all of those are connected to being an animal ourselves.

I feel like all healers could use this kind of healing whether they have an animal companion or not. Even if they aren't really animal people, they do need root chakra things like food and money and connection to their body and to the earth and inner child healing, etc. So many of us healers have trouble feeling connected to our bodies and the earth and sort of live above it all, when really, we are best served to fully inhabit our bodies and lives. I love how this kind of reiki feels! I am still processing it a bit, and probably will for the next few days and probably beyond that. I would love to teach animal reiki when it's the right time. If you are interested in taking this class, let me know by filling out the contact form and I can get on that. I feel like it is the perfect class if you are a healer, an animal lover, have money issues, food issues, scarcity issues, ancestral traumas, trauma, and/or abundance issues--so basically most all of us.

I so look forward to seeing how this plays out in my life and I'm looking forward to bringing it to others. I will shortly be using some of the techniques I learned in this class to make videos for you that you can purchase on this site for big healing on a budget that you can take with you and listen to over and over. I just really love this and can't wait to process it enough to share with you!

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