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A Routine of Healing and Connection for You


Wildwood Energy Works Memberships are a great way to care for your energy on a regular basis, make connection, and have support on your journey all for a reasonable price. 


What can a Membership do for You?

Often people come to energy work when they are in crisis. It is a powerful time to do this work, but it's better to show up regularly and make it a part of your routine. Showing up for energetic support regularly can help strengthen you for the tougher times, and help you deal with some of the hard things in life before they become crisis. 

The goal with memberships is to offer you many opportunities to heal, balance your energy, set goals, receive support and to feel nurtured. Showing up regularly can have a powerful healing effect in your life. It also allows me to offer services at a deeply discounted price, so you can experience for yourself how powerful energy work can be in your life. 

What You Get

When you purchase a membership, you get several weekly remote meditation and healing sessions to choose from. You can go to one or all or even just use it once a month. It is still a deep discount compared to private sessions. 

We will have two weekly meditations where we clear our energy, set intent, and do healing work. We will have a treat session once a week where we will focus on the more fun elements of healing to create more joy in your life. We will have a full moon and a new moon session every month as well to help you set intent, release what no longer serves and create what is next for you. We will also have private membership forum where you can connect to class members to support each other. 

For the latest calendar of membership events, click below:

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