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What do Spiders and My Great Great Grandma and Energy Work Have to do With my Weekend Plans?

You may have heard of energy work lately as it has become more mainstream and is getting attention in many parts of society where it wasn't represented before. But what is it, and what can it do for you?

First of all, let's start with spiders and your great great grandma. Some of us have a deep fear of spiders. I can think of times when walking up a mountain canyon seeing a wild tarantula made me scream so loud, I almost brought down the canyon, or finding a black widow minding her own business where I was walking that made me run so fast, towards home, I could have won a gold medal. Am I in any danger in either of those cases? No. I wasn't close enough for either of them to cause any harm to me at all. They were just living their lives, doing their spider things, and minding their own business. Also, I am so very much larger than a spider and they are in far, far greater danger from me than I am from them even though I just ran away from both rather than harm them in their natural habitat.

Now to your great great grandma. In fact, I'm going to go back further than that, to your deep ancestry. It is most likely that you had an ancestor that lived in a place and time when spiders were a threat to survival. Perhaps they had someone in their village or tribe or community die from a bite. Possibly it might have been a regular occurrence, and for her own safety and survival, this ancestor developed a fear of spiders. It was a useful fear and probably kept her alive to have children. Her children inherited the fear and avoided the spiders and went on to have more children down to you.

Here's where the energy stuff comes in. Eventually, society changed and ancestors moved and people live in different situations and spiders were no longer a daily threat, or much of a threat at all. That said, the fear of them that kept your ancestors alive is still part of the energetic programming that you are made of. These programs are our real family heirlooms. You could say energetically, YOU are a family heirloom. We inherit our ancestors' joys and sorrows and difficulties and gifts and pleasures. It's in our DNA and our epigenetics. To learn more about it, click the links below:

Now say you want to go on a picnic over the weekend with a friend. They have a lovely spot picked out, but you know it to have more spiders than you are comfortable with, so you opt out and miss out on that quality time with someone you care about. You might feel foolish and know that your fear of spiders is irrational and seems to be affecting your life, but you can't seem to talk yourself out of it. Reason doesn't work, affirmations don't work, even exposure therapy of trying to get used to being around them doesn't work. You don't know what to do to have this fear stop keeping you from living fully.

Some of us have issues in our lives we would like resolved, say our fear of spiders, or our complicated relationship with our parents or behaviors and patterns we would like to change. We show up for the work by talking about it with trusted friends, journaling to see how we feel about it on a deep level, we go to therapy to have professional help to retrain how we react to them. We get on meds when necessary to support our brain and body chemistry. We use daily affirmations and show up for the daily work. All of this is so good and so useful and I am a proponent of all of it, but you feel like it just doesn't seem to get to the root of it. That is where energy work comes in.

We are all made up of energy and instead of fighting against all that deep programing in our bodies that is just energy, we can reprogram it. Our DNA, our Epigenetics and other parts of our make up can be reprogrammed energetically. In fact, we are wired to be reprogrammed energetically. For example, the fear of spiders was programmed into the systems of our ancestors to protect them from danger and death so we could procreate and carry on our lines--and it worked. Here you are. We are wired to change our systems energetically and physically to protect us so we can procreate and pass those "safety measures" down to our children to help them survive, too. Just as our systems are wired to change for our safety, we can rewire them for our current circumstances, energetically changing the way our systems work on a root level.

Energy work is a set of tools to help a person reprogram the way they operate on a root level. It is working with the programming of our energy. If you want your computer to do things in a different way, you can use all the positive affirmations with it you want, but it won't make a difference until you dig in and change the programming. Energy work's purpose is to work on that deep level to make deep changes and reprogram what no longer works for us.

How can energy work help you? Are there areas of your life you would like to change? Maybe some habits you have been unable to kick. Maybe traumas and and thought patterns that are keeping you from living your best life. Maybe changing how you see and feel and experience your life on a root level so you can feel more in touch with your feelings and passions and what makes you feel alive. If you are drawn to this article, most likely energy work is for you and you are ready for that deep change.

Think what it would feel like to be free of the burdens you are carrying? How would that change your life? What dreams would you be able to achieve? What would it feel like to walk through a day without those burdens on your back? Our ancestors could change the way they operated for survival and so can you. You didn't only inherit the difficult stuff, you inherited the gifts and joys, too, and the ability to change on a root level. It is your inherited birthright. So pack up that wine and cheese, call your friend and go have a great picnic. And you can start today.

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