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My Mysterious Pixie Valentine

This year I find myself single on Valentines Day for the first time since I was a teenager. I'm not sad about it. I'm actually excited to be my own Valentine! I bought myself a little heart necklace with sparkles on it, and plan to take myself out and enjoy my own company. I am quite interesting actually--as is every person. We could all do with some time to check in with ourselves and remember how much we enjoy our own company and how divinely fascinating we are, even in those quiet moments of day to day life. If I had to pick a Valentine for myself this year besides myself, I would pick "Pixie" Pamela Coleman Smith, a bad ass bohemian suffragette sapphic occult artist who is responsible for the art in the Rider Waite tarot deck. I love you, Pixie. You are an energy healer, card worker, an artist, a free woman, and all the things that I am and want to be, and that I am opening up to as I start this next chapter in my life. Here is a link to an article about her from Thought Co. So you can fall in love with her, too.

Here is a link to a book about her:

If you could pick a Valentine besides yourself or your partner, and it could be anyone past, present or future, who would it be? Why did you choose that person? What could you add to your own life now to have that sort of energy in your life that you like about that person?

In honor of Valentine's Day and my mysterious Pixie Valentine, I am going to embrace my bohemian side, my free love side, my creative and artistic sides, and the sides of me that appreciate all kinds of people and experiences. As a gift for you, I'm offering 30% off a full tarot reading this week only. I will use my Smith-Whaite Centennial Deck because it is the only version of the deck that gives her credit, and has her signature on every card, and the color scheme that she devised. It also has two bonus pieces of art she created. The world of tarot was forever changed because of Pixie and so was my life. Let's give you a full reading with her deck and change your life, too. Here is a link to the special deck that honors her contribution to the tarot world:

Choose the In-Depth Card Reading and at check out enter the code PIXIE to receive the discount.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

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