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My Apartment's name is Gertrude

My set up this morning because I did the morning's virtual meditation from my bed. My kitty is loving this cooler weather so he can enjoy the morning fresh air from the open window.

So I have officially started the membership virtual meditations. How's it going so far? LOVELY! I am enjoying it so much and I hope those of you who are members are, too. I hope we can keep growing and enjoying more and more and that you get very high value from your investment.

Last night was the first meditation. I had a date planned to hang out with my partners at their house during the meditation time, so I packed up my tripod and tarot cards and went to their house. I set up in their guest room and did the mediation from there and loved it. I think my favorite things about remote work are getting to work with people no matter where they live in the world, and getting to do your work from wherever I am. I think soon I'm literally going to have a meditation from the airport as I'm going to be leaving to see my grown kids a few minutes after it ends. I love taking you to places from my life. I was pretty delighted to do the session last night with my partners' pets in the room and with a little pop in hello from my boyfriend. Anyways, in the session one of the participants talked about making friends with your home and connecting to the energy of your house. I suggested naming your house. I never really thought about it that way before, and I knew I wanted to find a name for my apartment.

I have been living in this apartment for a year next month, and I just signed a lease to be here another year. Although I like it here, I've not really bonded with it too much, but last night I realized it was time to change that. It made me think about what a miracle this little one bedroom apartment that was the cheapest I could find that still looked safe is.

Back in probably 2006, I was a Mormon housewife in Salt Lake City in a bad marriage. I remember being at the mall one time and in Sur Le Table, a kitchen store. I saw this green serving plate with bunnies in relief on it. I thought it was cheesy, but also cute. It felt nostalgic like something my Mamaw would like. Standing there looking at that silly little vintage-y plate, I was suddenly seized with the desire to get out of my marriage and to get a place of my own where I can decorate it anyway I want and no one would criticize me or shame me for it, and I could live a free life. The image of that plate seemed to be imprinted on my heart and I always kept it as a symbol of freedom. It took me eleven years to finally get out of that marriage and then more years to be free from what came after that, but here I am, seventeen years later finally in my little apartment, supporting myself, decorating in my exuberant, maximalist way.

I have not honored my apartment for being the hard won miracle that she is. I'm going to change that now. Last night as I was thinking about my latest writing project, I was thinking it would be nice if this apartment was a place like Gertrude Stein's 27 Rue de Fleurus. She and her partner Alice hosted artists and writers of the day in regular literary salons. She pretty much ended up defining the art movements of the day because of it. I realized that my apartment is already that for me, I've just been in such a big healing time the whole time I've lived here, I've not really had a chance to take advantage of that part of living here. So I named my apartment Gertrude and made friends with it, and I'm going to allow it to support me while I reclaim my writing career and my art.

If I remember correctly, I even saw the outside of that apartment when I was in Paris in 2007. At the time, I didn't know how much Gertrude Stein or any of those writers and painters and movers and shakers would affect my life. I'll have to go back someday and really appreciate it. In the mean time, I can appreciate the energy of it here, and create my own magical art space to nurture myself and my life purposes as a healer and writer.

I would love my new life story to start here, where I am not all about my past and dismantling from it and healing from it, but also building up beautiful new things. I'm doing that right now and I very much enjoy it.

So thank you, Gertrude for giving me a safe place to heal, then blossom and bloom!

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