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It was a Dark and Stormy Night...

In the healing community there is a lot of talk about love and light, thinking positive, and focusing on the good. That is lovely. I think there is a lot of value to that and it’s good, but real, deep and lasting healing comes when a person is willing to look into the darkness.

Just as if someone has cancer, the doctor doesn’t just look at the well parts of the body and tell you to have positive thoughts and focus on the parts that are well. He examines, learns about, and gets to know on a minute level the cancer. That is the only way to address it and to know best how to remove it. That is also true of our energy.

In our society we label some of our emotions like sadness, depression, anger and rage as negative emotions, but often they are just emotions that are trying to help us on our healing journey and should be listened to. For example, if someone treats you badly you might feel angry about that. That anger is telling you a truth, that you do not deserve to be treated badly and it is not right that it happened to you and that you don’t like being treated badly. These are good and right and just feelings and should be felt and honored the released when you are ready rather than stuffed down or ignored or covered over with what society considers more positive emotions like forgiveness and happiness. Our “negative” emotions often hold the key to our deep healing, and the brave work is facing them.

If you wake up this morning and are feeling the dark and stormy night inside of you, instead of trying to push it away and think positive, tell yourself that you love you and that you love all your feelings. It might feel weird to say that, but try and really mean it. Ask your more difficult to face feelings what truth they are trying to tell you, then listen. When you deeply listen, your energy might give you the clues you need for your deepest healing, because on an unconscious level, you know what you need, and your feelings are trying to help you know on a conscious level, too. Your feelings are amazing and useful and beautiful—all of them—even the dark and stormy ones. for support on your journey to face and process and heal click below.

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