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It's First Thing in the Morning and I'm Feeling like a Fool in a Good Way

One of my favorite tarot cards is the fool. The fool sounds bad, but it's actually an exciting card. It's the card of being on a new journey, a new start, a new way of being in your life. It comes with the exuberance of beginners mind and seeing all the hopeful possibilities before you. It's a card full of yes's.

I woke up and did my Artist's Way morning pages and as I was writing, something sort of clicked in me and I felt the energy of the fool card. To me, that energy feels fun and hopeful and light and open and airy, as opposed to the sometimes heavy energy of the to-do lists and the day to day. I felt like today would be a new day of how to see things and how to feel things. When you are a healer or someone on a healing journey, those days happen, even if everything around you stays the same. The inner change happens before the outer change.

Then I took a look at myself and asked in what ways I'm being the fool card in my life this very week. I launched my new website with recorded sessions and memberships. I got back on dating apps. I'm poly and have not explored at all outside of the relationships I'm in right now that are making me happy. I'm starting a healing trade with my friend Stacy who is a magical massage therapist where she gives me a massage and I give her a healing session once a month. That happened yesterday and I feel like a new person. Even in my extended family, my brother just got married and my parents are in the training center starting their Mormon mission (yes, I am staunchly ex-Mormon, but I choose to be supportive of their choice). It feels like a lot of new starts this week. I'm also going to take an animal reiki class this weekend, and that always helps reset and restart in a new way.

Something feels good.

I have a private session with a regular client in ten minutes, so I have to keep this brief, but I have a hunch that many of us are feeling like the fool card right now. In what ways are you feeling like that in your life? In what ways can you if you aren't now. I think it's important to have new starts, even if they are small ones, no need to overhaul your whole life. Small changes can have big impact.

Today let's play the fool and enjoy every minute of it and see what comes of it down the road.

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