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I'm an Animal

This past weekend I took an animal Reiki class. I loved it! I wasn't sure I needed to learn animal Reiki because I am an usui Reiki master and a Karuna Holy Fire Reiki master and I can for sure, and do give animals Reiki. This was different and so much better than I thought!

This reiki is really soft and gentle and powerful and grounding. I feel like there is an element of joy in it that feels like inner child stuff. Like all energy work, it can be a bit hard to describe, but it, along with Karuna Holy Fire Reiki is now my favorite healing modality. I hope to get my master level soon so I can open up a class and train you in it, too.

How is my cat Fiorello responding to getting this new Reiki so far? He was so snuggly all night long and slept curled up with me, and today is extra playful. He is like a dog of a cat in that he LOVES people and is super playful, so it's his way, he just seems more. We'll see how it goes over the next few days.

I'm so grateful for the animals in our lives and all they bring to us and hopefully all we bring to them as their companions. I feel like I have a deeper appreciation for that.

Like all Reiki, it takes time for your system to adjust to it and to see how it shows up in your life. When I first took Usui reiki back in 2007, what happened was that my intuition and gifts opened up for the first time or deeper. When I took Holy Fire levels 1 & 2 a year and a half ago, it helped me leap forward processing the grief of my partner who passed away six months earlier. When I took Holy Fire Master level, it helped me get the money and business I needed to move forward towards independence. When I took Karuna Holy Fire, I feel like the healing was so deep, that levels of myself that I didn't know needed healing started healing and I started to have peace in areas where I had a lifetime of trauma. Now I've taken Animal Reiki and I don't know how this will affect me or my beloved cat or the beloved animals in nature around me or that I get to work with.

One thing I love about this Reiki already is that it helps me feel more connected to my life experience in that I am an animal, too. As humans we so often think of our self as othered from nature and the animal kingdom, but we are animals and part of it all. I like feeling and thinking of it that way. It feels good and right.

Teaching Reiki is my favorite part of my business. I love creating community with my class groups around healing and I love seeing the growth over time as we move through the levels together. I love each of my students and love to see their progress. I can't wait to see what Animal Reiki does for me and my sweet kitty and all of you who take this class from me when I am ready to teach it, and what it does for the beloved animals in your life.

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