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Am I a Small, Medium or Large?

So, I have a gift, a gift I have kept hidden. A gift I probably inherited from my ancestors. A gift I have at times been ashamed of or tried to push away. I am a medium. That means I have an amped up, super-charged intuition that allows me to channel messages from the other side. My own brand of mediumship is about getting messages for you that help empower and heal and comfort you. No one channels and reads messages the way I do, and I am very good at it. That said, I haven’t been very brave. I have let other people’s opinions sway me to pretend I don’t have these gifts. I have learned to turn it off somewhat. I have wished I had more traditional gifts like being a person who is drawn to being a doctor or a traditional councilor etc. It just isn’t me, though, and I have had to come to this chapter of my life and decide to just own it. I am unusual. I can speak to those on the other side for your healing and that is just the way my life works. Period.

I feel like I used to be a small. I hid my gifts and denied them and tried to fit in with convention. Then I was a medium because I admitted I am a medium. I put it on my menu of services and came out of the closet about it so to speak. I expect the next part of my life, I will be a large, because I know what I do can help change things for people. I know it is valuable and life changing, and also that I enjoy it very much.

When you get a mediumship reading from me here’s what it might be like. I call you at our scheduled time and we talk about what drew you to get a reading like this. If you want to tune into a certain person I will. If you want to see what messages there are for you in general and not necessarily from a person who has passed, we will do that. Either way, I check into my deep intuition and channel a message for you. It will be different for each person because our loved ones are individuals and our paths are different, so you never know exactly what will happen in a session. Usually, though, there is an element of comfort and peace around it because our loved ones want to connect and let you know they are still with you. Often they just want you to know they are okay and are looking out for you. They will almost always have specific things to say to you that only they and you would know.

How have I used my mediumship? I have channeled messages from loved ones who have passed on. I have channeled messages from higher selves, guides and ancestors to help people gain clarity on their paths. I have read the energy of houses and spaces and the souls that inhabit them from the other side. I have channeled scenes from the past so I can be a witness to things that happened to people, so that they can heal and move on. I have helped people cross over so they can come to peace. My intent is always your deep healing and peace.

So, there we are. Now you know my big secret. How can my big secret help you?

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