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Your Journey

How to best use Wildwood Energy Works services to support you on your healing and wellness journey. 

Going Forward

How to get the most out of your healing  experiences with Wildwood Energy Works:

Everyone has a unique journey. Some people come to these services for big help, some for tunes ups and maintenance, some for daily re-direction, self-care and ritual. Your needs will be individual and just right for you. Here are some suggested ways to get the most out of your Wildwood Energy Works experience.


If you need daily work and healing, I suggest the Transformation Courses. They are self-directed, daily and economical. They have clear, but individual goals and tasks so you can see and chart your progress daily. They would work especially well started or finished with a full energy work session, or maybe a weekly chakra balancing session to help your energy settle into the new healed ways you are creating for yourself, but they are also great on their own. 


Tune-Ups are great for weekly sessions. They are shorter and cost less, so there is less of a time and money commitment. There is always a need for a Chakra Balance, no matter what is going on in life. On the other hand if you are going through a big life transition or a difficult time, weekly full energy work sessions while you are in the midst of the changes can jumpstart the healing and dive deeply into the energetic support you need. Also, some people resonate with steady weekly full energy work sessions to connect and do the deep work consistently. Some people like weekly card readings to start and set the intention for their week ahead. 


Monthly energy work in any form is always a good idea, whether that be balancing your chakras, having a blessing ceremony or card reading to set the month ahead, or a deep full energy work session to dive deep into what is ready to be healed this month. Also, you could do a Transformation Course monthly to make the most of every day and show up for your own healing. 


I got regular acupuncture for years. My acupuncture therapist told me that the best way to do this is to have multiple full sessions relatively close together, then maintenance sessions more spaced out to make sure my energy stays in a decent place. That was what worked best for me and I find that this works best for a lot of people with the kind of energy work I do as well. Often a few full sessions close together create the big change, then regular more spaced out full sessions help maintain it and support your healing on a steady consistent basis. 

It's all up to you. Chances are there are one or more of these plans that will resonate most with you. It's your journey and you will know what feels right to you. It's all about showing up for yourself, doing the deep work and maintaining your energy health so you can be free, and live your best life. 

To being your journey, click below. 

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