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Tune-Ups are all about energy maintenance. They are like oil changes for our energy systems to help them keep running smoothly and in a balanced way. 

What to Expect from a Remote Tune-Up session

Tune-Up sessions are all about maintenance. There are times in our lives when we need the big deep work, when we are dealing with grief or big life transitions, or when our past is coming back to be healed. Those times are perfect for full energy work sessions. Then there are times in life when there is less big stuff to address, and when we need more of a check-in and reset for general energy health and maintenance. 


Chakra Guide

Click the button to read an article from In Style detailing the Chakra system and how to work with it. 

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Why Rituals Work

Click the button to read an article from Scientific American about why Rituals work. 

Ribbon Cutting

What is Cord Cutting

Click the button for an article from Necessity on chord cutting.

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