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Energy Work

Energy work is a set of gentle reprogramming and balancing techniques that work with the life force systems of the body to help transform and heal on a deep, core level. 

What to Expect from a Remote Energy Work Session

Energy work is ancient. It is built into us as part of our human story. Our deep ancestry practiced it in the form of story, blessings, prayers, ancient ceremonies and traditions passed down through the ages. It is built into our DNA to be able to heal our energy bodies and is our human birthright. Chances are you are practicing energy work in your daily life without realizing it. If you have experienced benefits from meditation, breath work, visualizations, prayer, affirmations, or deep intuitive work, you have done energy work for yourself, because those practices work with the various energy systems of the body. 

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The Benefits of Remote Energy Work

Click the button to learn why I love practicing energy work remotely.

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The Science of Reiki

Click the button to read an article from Forbes magazine about the effectiveness of Reiki

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What Everyone Should Know About Energy Work

Click the button to read a medically reviewed article from Mindbodygreen about energy work.

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