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Card Reading

Did you know that tarot and oracle card reading can be a powerful tool for your healing journey? I use cards as a way to intuitively access the unconscious, to bring to light deep truths that we might not know on a conscious level. You carry deep wisdom inside you and cards can help tap into it for your growth and healing.

What to Expect from a Remote Card Reading

When you book your card reading with me, whether it be a single question or a full reading, the process is the same. I call you at the scheduled time at the number you provide and we discuss what you want a reading about. While on the call, I will choose the appropriate deck for you, draw cards and interpret them for you. When the call is over, I will send images of the card spreads we worked with. 

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Oracle Cards

See Persephone Justice's unique line of oracle decks for your own healing, empowerment, and healing.  To see what's new, visit the Wildwood Energy Works Etsy shop today. 

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Card Reading Tips

For tips on reading oracle cards, check out this great series of videos from The Celestial Witch. 

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