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Healing Any Time Anywhere

Recorded Sessions

Recorded sessions allow you the freedom to take your healing with you wherever and whenever you need it. 



I personally love recorded sessions and use them for myself often. There are times in life when we need the support outside of office hours, when we need support now, or when we want to get the same healing over and over, but deeper layers. 

Recorded sessions offer you the option to bring them with you anywhere, and listen to them anytime, and as often as you wish.

It also allows you to choose what kind of healing you would like at any given time. It is a budget friendly way to get deep healing. You can collect a whole library of recorded sessions and use them any time you wish. 


There are many uses for recorded sessions.

Recorded sessions are there when you need them. If you have medical anxiety, you can listen to a comfort, or a healing fears session while you sit in the waiting room. 

If you are going through grief and those difficult waves hit you and it's the middle of the night, listen to a grief session and you can get some relief without having to wait until business hours for a personal session. 

Maybe you have a root issue like abundance issues that seems to have many, many layers. Each time you listen to a recorded session you are addressing another layer of the healing onion. 


Click below to see the full library and find the recordings that are right for you. 


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