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Welcome to Wildwood Energy Works Llc. Whether you are looking for a place to reset from your busy life, balance your energy, heal from your past, fit self-care and wellness into your daily schedule, or to find support, you have come to the right place

Wildwood Energy Works Llc offers a mix of remote services so you can receive deep  healing, create community, learn how to manage your energetic wellness, have fun, and get the support that is best for you, all from your own home, on vacation, or wherever is best for you. 


My goal is to support your healing journey so you can create your best life. It's time!


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[Persephone] is a naturally gifted healer and intuitive. My sessions with her seem to always result in an energetic shift into a better state of being. She is able to offer clarity and guidance that have proven to be true and helpful. I love her gentle approach and the beautiful light energy that she brings to her work.       
~ Steve

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Enjoy these free healing sessions, powerful tools to help you begin your healing journey. 

Intro to Energy Healing
This free Holy Fire Reiki healing experience session is designed to help you receive love and healing in whatever way is best for you. 

Comfort Session
This free session is to help you receive deep comfort healing so you can feel calm, peace and reset. 

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